~ created by leasj and forever.scg ~

2017 The beginning of MultiCoinCharts

I (leasj) started trading cryptocurrencies in Auguest of 2017. At the time I only had two monitors one of which I used for charting and the other for actually trading. I realized very quickly that it was quite annoying having to either open mulitple tabs to watch charts or constantly be clicking between charts on tradingview. I figured there had to be a better way. So I did some research and found out that Tradingview offered the funcitonality but you had to pay for it and it was somewhat limited. I wanted to have as many charts as I'd like all on one page/tab. So MultiCoinCharts was born.

The Creation/development of MultiCoinCharts

I quickly put together a rough draft of the site and shared it with the QFL trading community and also reddit. I was shocked by the amount of traffic the site was generating. Had lots of suggestions given to me on how to improve the site. Due to it being open source some people were able to submit code to me to review. Some of those changes were implemented.

The story continues...

I continued to work on MCC along with a few others. Namely forever.scg and I have been working on the site as of recently. We still push updated and changes every once and awhile. We look forward to working on the site more to make it even better. Feel free to reach out on Twitter if you have any suggestion or anything for multicoincharts.

How to use our charts & Why we use TradingView