How To
See even more charts per screen.


Let's start

The number of charts that show on your screen is structured by rows and columns. We call it width and height; they start at two (2 columns of charts) by two (two rows of charts). You can have more or less of rows or columns. Monitors (screens) size to landscape, portrait, 4x3, 3x2, 16x9, even more. You can set width and height individually to match your screen. At the top of your screen lies "Width" then "Height" click on the numbers beside them and type the number of columns or rows respectively.

What else is there?

At the top of your screen are Width, Height, Settings, and Share. Here's an overview.

Width represents the number of columns per screen. Height is to the number of rows per screen. For either, type the amount you want; MultiCoinCharts adjusts automatically.

Settings lets you make configurations on all your charts. If you prefer a specific timezone, timespan, bar type, theme, level of detail, or even more, then Settings is your closest ally.

Share quickly allows you to copy your URL (list of charts). You can text or post about the charts you are using or just save it for later.

Looking for more?

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