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Using TradingView

The Charts We Hate to Love

What chart provider would parallel TradingView. Coinigy charts? Our own? We devoted ourselves to custom charts made in-house; many of the requests on our GitHub and Twitter were standard features with our software. Why do you use TradingView, using it contemporaneously with its one-chart rules, contemptible watermarks, and shallow exchange support? We know why everyone uses TradingView charts. TradingView is the best, fastest, easiest to use charting software we have, and the charting software we selected.

Using the TradingView API

Before you start to use a charting provider, even one of the most dominant caste, please match its capabilities with your prerequisites. TradingView uses widgets you can use freely on your website. All the options needed for your configuration are toggleable through JSON (Javascript Object Notation). It isn't necessary for you to be performant in parsing JSON; simply match the options listed with the ones you need to configure. When you have the selection the meets your requirements, paste into the HTML file for the page of your website the chart should appear.

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